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A great design works best with the right execution. Bringing your design to life requires a great photoshoot. Parvia also acts as your art director by creating moodboard, art direction, photo shot list, photographer brief, and even run the photoshoot for you if needed.


Have you face these kind of problems?


  • Wanting a good photography that fit with your brand but you don’t know which art direction should you take?

  • There are so many photographers and a wide of price range. Which one should I hire? 

  • What compose, and how many shots should I take? How to create a shot that appeal to your target customers and also sell?

PARVIA Photoshoot for Charlie's Restaurant. Copyright reserved 2022.


Don’t worry. Parvia understands your frustration and we are here to help. As mentioned above, we provide brand photography service to our customers from creating art direction up to running photoshoot day for you to ensure you have the right photo set for your need. Not a problem if you are not in Thailand, once the design and scope are clear, simply send us your products and we will take it from there.

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